We told you that we would be working with naasMUSIC last week. Our first artist release this week is from Throwing Shade. This is her single, Daydream, and Kyle explains the magic in her music.

Her sound can only be described as an extreme juxtaposition between mystical desert imagery and that of a surreal film noir atmosphere, woven with a strong dub foundation. The instrumentals are lush and the vocals are uniquely mixed into the instrumental rather than in the forefront, thus they are uniquely used as a pseudo-instrument rather than a driving force. The power of repetition is abundant, used to drive a trance-like quality to the arrangement. It is a wholly unique and rich experience.

This is Throwing Shade.

Originally hailing for the United Kingdom and recently spirited away to our South African shores, she has brought her unique style as well as the progressive musical mindset that the UK is famous for incubating.

A little over six months ago she was co-hosting a monthly dub night in London; named SHEIKHA; alongside Felicita as well as performing alongside the likes of Mykki Blanco, Physical Therapy and SOPHIE, at well-known warehouse parties hosted by Lucky PDF.

Likewise, since gaining renown via Soundcloud, she has been chosen to create a mix for the April edition of Wonderland Magazine and being interviewed for a upcoming documentary by Vice and Boiler Room.

Her successes have culminated in her entering the embrace of Cape Town based naasMUSIC, who will be shepherding her official debut release, Daydream, today – April 1st 2013.

She will be performing at The Assembly in Cape Town on the 10th April and London’s Club Couture on the 19th April.

If you want more Throwing Shade information:
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