Jakkals [jak-uhl-s] from Turk. Çakal, lit. “the howler.”

We’ve had a great weekend listening to the new Jakkals EP. Jakkals are a Cape Town based band comprised of Tim King on drums, Mark De Menezes as the bassist and James Boonzaier as the singer/guitarist.

“Jakkals is beats that tap your feet, bass that nods your head, and silence that washes you in anticipation. It’s melody that flutters the heart and crescendos that rouse, husky tones and rhythmic swing. It’s something sweetly melodic yet full of balls…and when it stops you will hum it all the way home.”

Trifle EP by Jakkals

They’ve only been around since late 2011 but since then they have managed to get acclaim for their first single, “Whoa! Nelly,” and win one of the coveted MK MVP spots. As one of the twelve winners they made their first music video, Rum Trifle, in association with Crave Pictures. Look out for Rum Trifle on MK during November 2012 and when Jakkals go on their nationwide tour in 2013 we will be waiting for them. 

More information:
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jakkalsmusic?fref=ts
– Tumblr: http://jakkalsmusic.tumblr.com/
– Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jakkals

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