Capital Craft Beer Festival is once again taking place this year with 8000 beer and music lovers congregating in the beautiful natural scenery offered by the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. What is the most exciting part for you, as a brewery, about this festival?
As a brewmaster and owner of a brewery, we love the Capital Craft festival, as it is an opportunity for us to meet with and engage with so many of our regular customers, who buy our beer at Capital. It is always great to meet the people who help to create our success. Capital Craft Beer Festival is always exceptionally well run and managed, and the entire setting, décor, bands and “vibe” always make this event one of the highlights of the year for us.
How many years have you been a part of the Capital Craft Beer Fest?
This will be our 3rd year at the Festival – and we hope the 3rd of many to come!

What’s different about your beer/ brewery that makes it stand out to the Pretoria Crowd?
As a brewery and brewer, Two Okes Brewery believes in not only growing our market, but the industry as a whole. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience, and are open to questions and providing info and insight to fellow brewers and consumers alike. We also believe in making sure that only the finest all-natural ingredients and processes are used in our beers, so that the end-product leaves our followers with satisfaction and peace-of-mind, knowing they are getting a true hand-crafted product made with genuine love and passion for beer. We believe in easy-drinking, friendly beers that appeal to a wide audience. We also love creating new and challenging beers, such as the Russian Imperial Stout, Pumpkin Porter, or our Imperial IPA.
What can we expect for this year’s event?
This year we will have our standards available – Two Okes Irish Ale, Two Okes Pilsner, Two Okes HefeWeizen and then as festival beers we will have Two Okes Disclaimer ( Imperial IPA ), Two Okes Russian Imperial Stout, Two Okes Lekker Lager ( New festival addition) and then we are also work with the awesome guys from Leaky Tap on a collaboration (still finalizing what this will be but will be a darker winter beer)
We feel that a personal motivating factor, albeit a superficial one, is that we want to create things to leave a legacy. To be able to materialize something in this life that lastingly affects people. Would you say legacy is a motivating factor for you?
We absolutely, firmly believe in legacy. We want Two Okes Brewery to leave a legacy of being known for creating outstanding beers, loved by strangers and followers alike. We want people to see our brand, our logo, and think “Now there’s a great beer!” We want people to look at our product and know that in every bottle or pint, they will receive a beer experience that will be satisfying. We want people to look back and reminisce, saying, “Remember that time we had Two Okes Beer and…”. We want our beer-drinkers to say “We want more…”
Where can we find out more about you?
We have an extensive Social Media presence, on platforms such as Face Book, Instagram and Twitter, using the handle #TwoOkesBrewery . We also have a website,

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