We chat to Motherland ahead of their performance at this month’s Nice Guy Sessions.


Tell us more about you. How have you landed up being on The Nice Guy Sessions line-up? In other words, what has your musical journey been like up until this point?

It’s been awesome and we super excited about playing our 1st NGS our journey has been filled with fun specially when on tour we currently planning a tour for the end of the year with our new album.

How do you think the Pretoria crowd is going to react to your music at The Nice Guy sessions?

Photo Credit: http://www.jayhaji.com

I feel they enjoy the new sound that we have to offer which is a bleed of folk indie rock so we very excited to share it with our PTA Fans!

Why do you make music?

We make music all for different reasons mine is because I love to share my message through music about my life and how I see the world and I love that people can take a different message out of our music which is relevant to them in their own walk on life!

What kind of set can we expect from you at The Nice Guy Sessions?

Upbeat uncut and full of energy!

Other than music-related stuff, what do you want to get out of 2017?

I personally wanna support and grow the industry and speed more time with my family!

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