Hezron Chetty is an artist rewriting the narrative of instruments typically assumed to be classical instruments. He has just released a new music video for his song, “See Journey”. Hezron describes “See Journey”: “The song is about my journey into a deeper side of my writing, I have sacrificed so much for my violin and art and this song draws inspiration from that. With all the great achievements I have, it comes at a loss of me losing friendships, love and so much more. However, I still keep pushing on.”

Fans of Hezron Chetty will notice a difference in “See Journey” compared to his previous work, with a more rock driven edge to it. The music video for “See Journey” was shot and directed by Alfonzo Franke from Muti Films, who is also behind Hezron’s music video for Chasing Kings, at Momentus Entertainment Studios, Green Point and at Hezron’s apartment in Sea Point in Cape Town. Production on the song was done by Manfred Klose.

Hezron describes the video as a real personal account of what goes into making a song. It features the capturing of the whole songwriting and recording process and shows people what he has to do to achieve the final product, with the end result being a live performance which displays how instrumental music can be hard and edgy.

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