Twin Peaks, an epic rock ‘n roll band from Chicago, have released the music video for “Walk To The One You Love”“Walk To The One You Love” is taken from the band’s previously announced forthcoming album, Down In Heaven, which is set for release through Communion/Caroline Australia on May 13th.

Filmed in the band’s home city of Chicago by frequent collaborators Ryan Ohm and Jackson James, it follows various pairs of feet on a continuous one-shot take through a stretch of Ravenswood Street. Featuring a cast of friends and family and including guest appearances by singer and guitarist Cadien Lake James’ father Michael and dog Che, the video is a true community affair.

James commented: “We started with a few simple ideas (moving feet, odd settings), playing with the idea of overlapping them. As we continued to flesh it out, we realized we could unite them fluidly while also challenging ourselves to do something new for us (both the artist and the filmmakers) by doing a one shot video with feet leading you between these different scenes. It was also fun casting a video with friends where the band wasn’t the center of attention, it felt more like a making a piece of art from our end.”

We just happen to love this song and think the concept behind the video is rad. We hope that you like it too.


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