Christopher Ian MacClements

He wouldn’t know where to begin with regards to submitting his visual, architectural and urban work. Christopher Ian MacClements‘ architecture and urbanism work carries immense importance to himself. It is well-researched in the polemic for contemporary, sustainable and resilient architecture. In these projects, the user becomes fully aware of the theoretical and practical implications of architecture and urban space that are thoroughly researched and designed. Added, the significance of culture, heritage and urbanism are explored in the creation of an imaginative and non-restrictive architectural narrative supplementing each project. Christopher Ian MacClements’ illustration & graphic design work simply showcases his ability to work creatively outside of his field of study, architecture. Here, each project is well documented and mindful of process in generating a final product.
Lastly, graffiti. He one day dreams to paint his city, Pretoria.
Click on image to learn about Christopher’s individual projects.Christopher-Ian- McClements-1-4Christopher-Ian- McClements-4 Christopher-Ian- McClements-5 Christopher-Ian- McClements-1
Christopher-Ian- McClements-3
Christopher-Ian- McClements-1-3Christopher-Ian- McClements-2-2Christopher-Ian- McClements-3-2Christopher-Ian- McClements-4-2Christopher-Ian- McClements-2
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