Joe Turpin is a Johannesburg-based visual artist.

Joe was born in Yeoville of Egyptian and Jewish roots to late photographer Gisele Wulfsohn. Pop Expressionism, his practice, embodies striking scenarios and direct visions which are coined and held in stencils and emotive styles, which are informed by history.

Pop T(art)!

This body of work has been influenced by representing alternative/neo realities, sometimes with surreal undertones, in a more ‘Pop Art’ manner. A deviation, but continuing allegory of his previous works. Joe looks at imagery reflective of Johannesburg’s apartheid history and the nuances of post-colonialism.

Joe Turpin is influenced by the music, art, imagery and history of Johannesburg. ‘Pop T(art)!’ is a playful jab and more fun approach to dealing with the conditioning of life in the streams around us.

Pop (T)Art! was exhibited at Ants in Parkhurst, Johannesburg from 6th June – 28th June 2017.

Stalk more of Joe Turpin’s work on Facebook and Instagram, read his thoughts on Twitter and contact him by clicking here.


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