Louise Mandumbwa (@louise_mandumbwa) is a talented art student at Pulaski Tech Botswana. She is working to make a difference in people’s lives through her work. In that same breath, take a look at how she has transformed Cedric Nzaka‘s (@everydaypeoplestories) visuals to life.

I feel like I have moved to the closest version of home that exists in this country. Southern hospitality is similar to African hospitality. I am really trying to work hard but also trying to think of very practical, real ways as to which I could help people. This is where my heart is at the end of the day.

Mandumbwa’s goal is to work with groups and organizations that use art as a means to directly and physically influence people’s lives for the better.

Take a look at the talented Louise:louise-mandumbwa louise-mandumbwa-2 louise-mandumbwa-3 louise-mandumbwa-4 louise-mandumbwa-5 louise-mandumbwa-6 louise-mandumbwa-7 louise-mandumbwa-8
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