KARIBA is a fantasy-adventure graphic novel inspired by the mythology and history surrounding the construction of one of the largest dams ever built in southern Africa.

The graphic novel project is being managed by the Blue Forest Collective and they even have plans to develop the graphic novel into a 2D animated film. The Blue Forest Collective is made up of Daniel Clarke as the primary artist of the graphic novel and director of the film, Jac Hamman as the animation director of the film, Daniel Snaddon as the story editor of the Kariba graphic novel and co-director of the film, and Sarah Scrimgeour, as the Kickstarter campaign manager. The team needs our help to realise the first stage of their project, KARIBA: The Graphic Novel.

KARIBA graphic novel

The world of Kariba is one in which history and fact are fused with mythology and legend. A world where the laws and rules are bent by magic and the river is as much a character as it is a force of nature. The story follows Siku and Amadeo, one the daughter of the river spirit Nyami Nyami, the other the son of the engineer in charge of the dam’s construction. Unaware of who her father is Siku must journey upriver to discover the answers to the mystery of her powers, and the strange events occurring in the river and its surrounding forests.

You can watch the teaser trailer for the graphic novel below.

We think this project is amazing and you should really get behind it on their Kickstarter campaign. We’re excited to see how their project can move from the graphic novel stage straight into the film. You can support the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

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