Ben Eagle is a graphic designer who is curating an environment of relaxation on a monthly basis with ease.

“Cool things and stuff”? What are cool things and stuff to you?

Oh man, stuff like Zines,Prints, Patches, Lapel Pins, Film cameras, Hand painted signs, Deadstock clothing, basically special pieces that you’re not going to come across every day.

How would you describe your prints/work to a complete hermit?

It’s easy going art, it makes you feel good and looks good in any environment.

You’re currently working on your monthly print project with its current success, are there any other projects you’re thinking about commencing with?

I’m currently producing a handful of one off prints for a gallery in Capetown, I’m also going to be releasing a small run of Hoodies and T-Shirts before the Winter is over, and I’m looking to have a solo show once I’ve finished the Print Project, where I’ll show all 12 prints as well as some other pieces.

Print PrintWhat are five of your daily essentials?

Five is way too few… Printed pages issue 4, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, GoPro, Supreme S Logo cap, Only NY paint marker, Bank card, Keys, Agfa Optima Sensor.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My Friends and fellow artists like Zander Blom, who has sort of been a mentor to me along the way, as well as anything I see around me, stuff like sign-writing, photography, fashion and music all play a key role.

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