Jade Ayla is an overwhelmingly talented Cape Town-based freelance graphic designer.

Where’d it all start?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved art and design. In school, I used to skip extracurricular sports and would spend my afternoons in an art class with my mom. I found myself working with oil paint from the start. It really pushed my understanding of proportion and colour being one of the hardest mediums to work with. These classes taught me how to look at subject matter differently as the youngest in the class. To isolate details and see them as shapes rather than known objects. This knowledge and understanding still filters through my work and the way I see the world around me.

It still feels surreal to be featured for my illustrations because I definitely don’t consider myself an illustrator yet. It’s been a dream for so long, but because I’m self-taught, I feel like I’ve still got so much to learn.


I have been doing freelance graphic design for about eight months now, I decided to finally try digital illustrating after being exposed to some pretty cool opportunities like the song artwork covers seen below done for CLOCKWORKDJ after getting in contact with him while he was in SA with Mac Miller. As it is, I’m working on quite a few illustrations including one of my most exciting projects to date (I can’t share just yet).
This all came about a bit sooner than expected and I am still trying to find the time to complete and publish my website, but I’m feeling super grateful for where I am today and can’t believe I get to do this for a living.

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