We’ve talked about the environmental impact of music festivals before. One problem is caused by the litter left behind at the festivals. For instance, people will often dump their cheap tents at the festivals because:

  • They are lazy,
  • They are hungover,
  • Or, even that their tents are broken or even just rain/mud soaked.

If you want some statistics you’ll find that 1 out of 4 people leave their tent behind on various camp sites worldwide. KarTent created something really cool to deal with that problem. They’ve made recyclable, cardboard tents possible. After the festival the tent can go directly to the paper recycling industry so that they can be re-used. The tent is also water resistant and this means that the tents are rated to easily last four days in rainy conditions. The tent is also quite cool because it stays dark during the day, allowing you to get some proper sun-free rest.


Currently, KarTent requires festival organisers to jump on board with the project because the tents are too big while folded, 2.40 x 1.60m, for regular festival-goers to transport. I want our festivals pay attention to KarTent and I hope that you’re inspired to carry on thinking about ideas that can limit our impact on the environment during music festivals.

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