Tuse is a great innovation that we’ve come across. We spoke to Sabelo Sibanda, the founder of Tuse, about his application that allows people to communicate in places where there is no signal. He had this to say: “Tuse is a complete wireless mesh networking solution that makes use of hardware and proprietary software that allows people to communicate in places with no signal. Initially, we had built an Android app that did the job, but the 30 metre range was severely limiting. We have now built a solution that allows coverage over a radius of square kilometres and is infinitely expandable. As a result, we have customers in the heavy industry, tourism and social development spheres.”

We think this is incredible because of the limitless applications of the software. Think about it, you can connect millions of people. We have one other idea in mind for Tuse. Imagine you’re at a festival and of course the signal is terrible because of the large amount of users on site and the location. If you and your friends had Tuse then you would be able to stay in contact with them.

Festivals, we want this. Get on it.

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