I spend a lot of time on the internet and sometimes I come across some really cool things. I’d like to introduce you to Ethiopia Skate. Ethiopia Skate is an organisation that uses skateboarding to build communities and impact youth from all backgrounds in Ethiopia.

So you’re wondering how they do this? They connect Ethiopian skateboarders and coordinate opportunities for foreign skaters to meet locals at skate spots around the country. They also provide access to skateboard equipment and maintain skate spots where they organize skate sessions for youth.

I’m really excited about skating in Africa after spending time with Geekulcha in Soweto for #SkateHacks. I believe that skateboarding and technology together can change the perspective of many youth in South Africa so Ethiopia Skate makes me even happier.

This organisation is growing. The Ethiopian Skate team talks about their history, “Ethiopia Skate was formed in 2013 at the Sarbet parking lot in Addis Ababa. We work to empower youth in Ethiopia by providing access to skateboard materials and by creating skate spots. Our community consists of over 150 skateboarders in Ethiopia’s capital and other small towns across the country, with many more eager to join. In April 2016, we teamed up with Make Life Skate Life and a team of over 60 volunteer skatepark builders and skateboarders from around the world to construct Ethiopia’s first and only free-of-charge public skatepark, Addis Skatepark.”

We need to get behind these guys and support what they are doing. Check out their assistance page by clicking here.

Photos by Ethiopia Skate

Ethiopia-Skate-4 Ethiopia-Skate-5 Ethiopia-Skate-1 Ethiopia-Skate-2 Ethiopia-Skate-3

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