These 5 African Women are Style Warriors on Instagram

I spend a lot of time of creeping on Instagram but it’s done with the intention of being creatively inspired. I’ve come across 5 African women who are killing the style game across the continent. I really think that you should pay attention to the designers they are referencing as well as their hearts which push the African fashion agenda. Our continent will be the most important continent in the world in the next few decades and these ladies are dressing for that dream, that’s how good their style is.

I made sure to include a wide variety of women on this list, not all of them are Instagram follower giants. I did this, not to highlight women with smaller followings, but I featured them because they are relevant.


“Neema Githere is a nomadic creative. She is currently in Salvador, Brazil doing research on aesthetic as resistance amongst young Afro-Diasporic artists. Her passions lie at the intersections of art, travel, and afrofuturism. Her personal style is fluid in all aspects, playing with colors, patterns and combinations to capture the nuances of her femininity and androgyny. She is in her third year at Yale pursuing a degree in African Studies.”



“My name is Alexis Nereah Ombwayo and I was born on the 15th of September in 1995 and I was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Over the years I’ve gained a following on Instagram and it
has enabled me to share my style as an art and with the growth I have managed to have my
own aesthetic feel that the audience tends to connect with. I am a style and digital influencer, an aspiring stylist: as I am still trying to figure out what style I’d like to uphold for myself and one that can be easily shared among those who appreciate my efforts in being eclectic.I have been working with two individuals; Amy Muhoro and John Magati Maosa (both photographers and visual artists) since 2015. Our main aim has been to express that Africa is not about children with flies on their faces but children of the Indigo with dreams to share across the universe.”

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“My name is Kory Li Shukrani. I was born in the DRC but raised in South Africa. I have a civil engineering degree and am now completing an honours in Industrial engineering. I am also a fashion enthusiast and blogger, I enjoy reaching out to others through this medium and using it as a creative outlet. I also have a heart for helping and empowering others, particularly women and the youth and I believe that will always be the golden thread in my life’s work. I love to travel and explore the world, constantly forging and shaping new perspectives. I enjoying learning new things and am constantly taking on new task, challenges and courses to better myself as both a leader and learner in life hoping to leave my mark on the world and making it a better place for others to live in.”

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“I go by the name Sosa and I am London based from Nigeria. I am a Fashion Promotion and Imaging student at the University for the Creative Arts. Aside from my studies I run which is pretty much my outlet to the world where I post my own work as well as outfit posts. In terms of style I’d say I’m very inconsistent; I don’t have a particular style. As a person that likes a lot of different things, I don’t like to restrict myself; its more like phases of things I’m really into at certain points I think. Fashion phases! But one thing I try to do is disrespect the trends because trends make you go broke (if you’re living on a student budget like me anyway) and look like everyone else; if everyone is wearing the same thing, then there’s no individuality, and that’s boring.”

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“Adenike Adegboye is Lagos based. You can get to know her Denike and she’s an incredible stylist, blogger and upcoming fashion designer. She actively pursues her dreams and this has seen her completing a two-year fashion design course in Milan and interning under one of Milan’s best street style photographers.”

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