We caught up with Ernest Mojela to scope what he wore to SA Menswear Week 2017. Check out his looks below, you won’t be disappointed. He’s got mad style.

Day 1:

Opening show for SA Menswear Week at a off-site location. The showcase displayed a collaboration between Craig B Jacobs and Nigerian brand MXVV.
Shoes: Vans

Day 2:

Day two kicked off with the showcases moving to the official location for SAMW Aw’17 at The Palms. My look was inspired by Asian aesthetics, that I have been following with elements of street.
Jacket: Vintage (Unknown)
Top: Zara
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Puma
Watch: Spree

Day 3:

For the final day of the SA Menswear Aw’17 showcase, I went styled in a fully street style inspired look, while adding my own custom piece (pants).
Pants: Custom Made
Shoes: Reebok SA
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