Our friends at YOH! have been committing themselves to great work and there has been a focus on coming up with incredible ideas. This saw them creating the concept for a monochromatic street look and compiling a relevant lookbook to go with it. Travys Owens shot these images in his Cape Town apartment on a small budget. The lookbook was featured on The Fader recently. You can also check out the video lookbook by Adriaan Louw by clicking here. The video lookbook stars AJ Williams, Courteney Krauss, Kalo Canterbury, Luke Doman, Patrick Visser, Raees Saiet, The Doman Twins and Tyla Mason. The video features one of the naasMUSIC artists, Cutting Gems, and his single Fell Through The Night. All clothing can now be purchased exclusively on the YOH! online store: http://yohstore.com.

Photographer: Travys Owen
Styling: Patrick Visser and Raees Saiet
Hair & Make-up: Andie Reeves
Designs by: Ra-ees Saiet
– Luke Doman
– Michaela Younge
– AJ Williams
– Kelly Jean Egan
– Jabu Nadia Newman
– Chris Kets
– Shaheed Martin
– Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius
– The Doman Twins
– Tyla Mason
– Azuli Peeters
– Dumi Scott
– Bronwyn Katz
– Boole Lani
– Raees Saiet
– Patrick Visser

A special mention goes out to Sarah Hugo-Hamman, Mitchell Gilbert, Mohato Lekena, Ross Dorkin, Tauriq Ajam and Lorenzo Lakay for their work on the photo shoot and video project.

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