3 Festival Style Inspirations from Around the World

Festival season is hotting up in South Africa this month and I’d like to share some of my favourite festival style photos from around the world to inspire you. You’re going to see images from last year’s Coachella and Field Day London. I’ll try summarise some of the trends I saw so that you have a starting point.


Monochromatic wear centred on either all-black outfits or a combination of white and black. Ultimately, wearing black is cool. It’s an easy colour to work with at festivals because it doesn’t show dirt. White is really, really cool but difficult to maintain at a festival for the opposite reason. Use your discreation when wearing this look because black clothing absorbs sunlight. You might have to suffer for your wear. You should also consider playing up your accessories to make your outfit stand out. Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_3 Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_9 Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_1 Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_2

That 70s Show

The 70s started to creep back into fashion last year. The trend continues to get some airplay and it will affect festival trends around the world because it allows playful handling of the bohemian trend which has been prominent at music festivals for the last few years. Be adventurous and rock a pair of bell bottoms and a crop top instead of your short-shorts. Opt for heavily embellished jewellery pieces if you can style them well. Remember that cultural appropriation is not cool when you’re choosing accessories so stay away from bindi and Native American headdresses.

Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_5 Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_8 Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_4

Statement Pieces

You can base your outfit around pieces that really stand out because of their colour or textures. An easy statement piece can be your backpack. I was fascinated by one guy’s gold beard at Field Day London. He had taken gold leaf to his beard and created another look on himself. I’m not a fan of those flower headbands but if you’re going to rock one then you should go all out. Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_6Festival_Style_Coachella_2015_7 Festival_Style_Field_Day_London_2015-3703

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