Frances Pryce Lewis on Fashion

Frances is a fashion student, living in Cape Town, South Africa. Her long-term goals include completing an honors in fashion design and starting her own fashion label that focuses on couture pieces. In the future, she would like to be seen as an influential figure in the South African and global fashion industry.

As a fashion student, she finds it hard to define her style. She is constantly learning new techniques and incorporating them into her work. Despite this difficulty, she describes her work as bold and vibrant, with an emphasis on detail. She loves working with textures and colours by manipulating textiles, such as painting on fabric, re-fabricating and beading. She also enjoys working with bold prints and patterns. My work blurs the line between art and fashion. I like to think of my work as a wearable piece of art.

Last year, I launched a range of hand painted, pleated skirts. This was an exciting and inspiring project for me, as felt closely connected to each skirt. The idea of the range was to express my identity through the use of different patterns, textures and colours. A concept that comes through in my range, is that the wearer of the skirt has an emotional connection with the colours and patterns. The use of bold prints generates a sense of individuality. My newer works are more intricate. Most of them include embroidery and beading.

Ultimately I am inspired by nature. I love South African indigenous flowers and one can always find some sort of deconstructed floral shape in my work! Other sources of my inspiration include architecture, art, people and culture.

You can find more of her work and adventures on; Instagram and Tumblr.

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