Ernest Mojela took over for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017 (MBFWCT).

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017 kicked off during March 2017 but due to heavy winds, the showcase was regrettably cancelled by AFI after guests had arrived in anticipation of the six designers showcasing their pieces on day 2. The shows were then moved 7 & 8 April at Salt River Film Studios.

Day 1 of the shows started off to a slow start, with a small turnout but the highly anticipated list of designers from day 2 of the shows definitely made up for the first day, drawing a bigger and more vibrant crowd and ending the showcase on a high.

Our team took to the showcase, led by our Founder and Creative Director, Ernest Mojela. Below is what he was wearing for the two days of the shows:

Look 1:
Jacket: Vintage          Top: RUNT          Pants: Boutique          Shoes: VANS
Look 2:
Track suit: ALMOST FAMOUS          Shoes: PUMA        Bag: PUMA
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