Where To Find Pretoria’s Coolest Street Style

The Social Market, a movement and creative market, has given young people in Pretoria and Johannesburg a space for displaying their fashion as art. It is a place where fashion, design, food and partying come together. I believe that The Social Market is the main driver of Pretoria’s innovative fashion scene.¬†There’s a lot to be inspired by.

I was at the most recent market, 1st of May, and I captured these images. I really hope that you enjoy this series.

The_Social_Market_May_2016_2 The_Social_Market_May_2016-9903 The_Social_Market_May_2016_7 The_Social_Market_May_2016_6 The_Social_Market_May_2016-0043 The_Social_Market_May_2016_4The_Social_Market_May_2016-9913 The_Social_Market_May_2016_3 The_Social_Market_May_2016_5 The_Social_Market_May_2016_8 The_Social_Market_May_2016_11 The_Social_Market_May_2016-0046 The_Social_Market_May_2016_1 The_Social_Market_May_2016_9The_Social_Market_May_2016-9940The_Social_Market_May_2016_10

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