Superbalist and Puma sent me a pair of Puma suede’s to put together an outfit showcasing my style.

To start off with, my outfit features my favorite artist and a bit of family history.

I got my t-shirt from MOMA in New York and it showcases Keith Haring. My jeans were passed down to me by my father – he used to go adventuring in them over 40 years ago.

To give my lookpost a bit of my character, I added a little Jurassic feel; my bonsai named Pterodactyl and my little old Triceratops.

I added in a very special part of my life, a film camera. I don’t go anywhere without some sort of photographic equipment.Clothing:

Top: Museum of Modern Art: Keith Haring
Pants: Levi’s 
Shoes: Puma Suede
You can find the pair of shoes that complete my outfit by clicking through to this Superbalist link:
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