Yetu will be doing more fashion articles because she thinks you either don’t take advantage of current trends, you dress badly or do both. “Trending” is going to cover fashion trends and their translation to our everyday lives. The first trend under inspection is cutouts.

Look 21

Look 21 by ye2nde featuring cut out dresses

The cutout trend has been steadily gaining popularity since S/S 2011. There is a recurrence of the trend in S/S 2012 so that means it will be around in our November/December months. If you like it then you’re going to learn how to wear it in this post.

What defines this trend? 

When I think of this trend I’m not thinking of those skanky Lycra backless dress/tops with the diamante that have been around since whores decided it was okay to wear them out in public. The cutout trend I’m referring to is the clever removal of material in geometric shapes. The cutout trend could be applied to make a skull pattern on the back of a t-shirt or a tribal pattern on a dress.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Why does this trend rock so much?

Cutout dresses, rompers and shirts are amazing for showing unconventional skin. I think the patterns created with cutouts are pleasing to the eye. It’s a really clever trend. I also really like this trend because many people are afraid to try it and only people who know how to pull it off attempt it. I don’t have to live in fear that I will see someone looking like shit in a cutout bodycon dress. If someone is wearing that dress she’s likely wearing the shit out of it because she knows how to rock it.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

What will make me want to kill you?

The bra issue
This trend was built around girls with small boobs. A lot of the time you will have to wear the top or dress without a bra because the addition detracts so much from the outfit. If you’re uncomfortable with this then you can get away with using those silicon sticker bras. Sometimes, you can get away with a bra. You need to evaluate how badly the bra affects the look. I know with certain tank tops you could make it work. In terms of bra colour you can go for a bra your skin tone, black (this is a good choice) or make it obvious that your bra is showing by wearing a colourful one. If you have big boobs beware that a cutout piece might not fit your boob area at all. Your boobs will get in the way and you might have a scenario whereby the cutout pieces are over your boobs (sad story).

What skin shows
You likely have flab therefore you need to beware of what you’re showing. Back rolls and cutout pieces with back pieces removed = fail. Side flab and cutout pieces with the sides partially removed = fail. Untoned tummies and cutout pieces with midriff pieces removed = fail. Don’t try convince yourself that it could work if you remember to keep your stomach in or your back straight. You will forget and I will reach for my shot gun.

Levels of taste
This should go without saying but then again skanky backless dresses have been around for quite a while. Watch how much skin will be showing. Please.

Look 20

Look 20 by ye2nde featuring scoop neck tops

So that’s it from my side. Make me happy and you get to live. I will be doing more trending topics as I see them come up. 
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