We’re looking at a creative project by Lourens Smit called, 2014 in 365s. You might already be familiar with some of his videography work on DYD. He worked on shooting a second of video every day during 2014 and has finished compiling the video for it.

You’ll catch glimpses of December Streets, Desmond & the Tutus, Al Bairre, some live performances, Oppikoppi 2014skydiving, music, Run Jump Fly, people, adventures and lots of videos of his cat. We spoke to him about his video.

DYD: What inspired you to make this video?  
Lourens: I actually saw a girl named Madeline make one in 2011. I watched the video, saw her entire year and oddly enough I only know her first name. I tried making one of these in 2012. I started on the 18th of January and ended up skipping a day 6 months in so it fell apart. I decided to try it again in 2014 and actually started on the 1st of January so that it would be a full calendar year.

DYD: What challenges did you have while filming it?
The most challenging part is just remembering to film everyday. A lot of the time things happen in the moment, you are completely present and you kind of forget it would be a cool shot to have. A lot of the time I’d have a really awesome day and would completely forget to film it but at least my cat would come to the rescue by being super cute when I needed a shot for the day.

DYD: What’s going to happen in 2015?
I think I’ll be doing another one for 2015 for sure. I already have the first two days footage sorted. It was really nice being able to review my year. I’ve never really wanted to write in a diary, so this will kind of be that for me also, it’s just really fun.

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