Climate change is a now issue. As a collective we need to take a stand for our environment and futures in order to change the way things are done. We’re running out of options and are slowly being backed into an irreversible corner that will see us paying for our mistakes in great dividends if we do not do anything. That’s why, as a blog, we’re all for having a great time at events but also making time to do good. One of the initiatives which manages to combine both aspects was the #WeLeadYou campaign. #WeLeadYou events took place across Africa ahead of the UN Climate Change summit which happened on the 23rd of September in New York.

This is the post-coverage video from the Johannesburg event made by the team and we’re premiering it because we think initiatives like this need the support of many. The event might be over but you can still get involved by joining 350 Africa, click here for more information.

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