We have something really awesome to show you. While we were at Oppikoppi 2014 this year we produced an after movie with MK. We had Henry, Paddy, Lourens and Yetunde filming the video at Oppikoppi and Lourens has spent countless days editing the finished video.

We really just wanted something to capture the essence of Oppikoppi in this film. This was important to us because the festival hit its 20 year mark this year.

Films aren’t something that we often do because of the amount of work involved in the process but if you’re interested in working with us then just give us a shout. We’d like to thank the DYD team involved in the project, the Hilltop Live organising team behind Oppikoppi, the team at MK, more specifically Stephan Potgieter, Sky Res Aerial Photography, Prototype and Broke For Free.

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