Cary Fagan

“Women, legs, collar bones, hands, neck bones, lone hair, tall trees and clouds. I love taking double exposed images.”

Cary Fagan is Texas-based photographer who can create a story from the pool of imagination in his mind and compress it into a photograph.

“Honestly, I hated anything that dealt with art. In middle school through to high school, I’d always get in trouble. My dad would drag me out to local parks, hand me a Nikon camera and I would follow him around and take photos of nature, I guess that was one part of it. The other part is my love for movie directing (Her and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are my favorite movies), photography gives me the opportunity to direct and develop certain scenarios for the model to act out.”

Photography is so personal to Cary that he named his equipment. He uses a Nikon F3 named Thundercat, a Contax T2, yet to be named, and a Konica Hexar AF named Saidee. They are all film cameras. “I have a very close bond with each and every one of them. We spend a lot of time together and I’m still getting to know them,  it’s great.”

“When I started taking photography seriously I decided to shoot primarily in film. Tamara Litchenstein’s work was the first thing I fell in love with. I appreciate the connection she has with her models. I have always looked up to her for inspiration. Dennis Auburn‘s work also draws inspiration to the mind and soul.” Cary met him once at a bar near his American Apparel job and he found it cool because he knew who he was. “I was very honored to meet him.” Cary really aspires to get the opportunity to shoot with both of them one day.

Cary told me what he feels differentiates himself from other photographers, this is what he said: “Every photographer has their own way of expressing their ideas but I really try to look for simplicity, depth of feelings and minimalism to portray comfort for the human eye.” He added that he’s learned that he’ll never be content with his work, so he’ll always strive to improve it.

You can find more of Cary’s work on his work on his Facebook page, InstagramTumblr and his website.

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