Darren Britz has hosted festivals and worked within the music industry. He has had the opportunity to explore the different scenes of the SA entertainment.

In search of something new on the horizon, Darren Britz decided to seek video as a new path. Darren decided to get involved in shooting music videos, to create dope content for himself.

“A camera holds so much power in the adventures it can take you on. I go for versatility and choose not to stick to a single style.”

Photographing models, musicians and festivals is what I like, but I’ll shoot anything I resonate with.

Darren plans on improving his skill with every shot he takes.

“My interests fall in meeting new people and finding locations I didn’t know existed.”

Stalk more of Darren Britz’s latest findings on Instagram.

Check out his mini-gallery below:

Stalk more of his latest work on Instagram.

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