Lesego Seoketsa is a 21 year old female living in Johannesburg. She is currently studying fashion design, but does a lot of photography on the side. You can expect to see an incredible portfolio of conceptual art.

Lesego described her work for us, “In most of my work I am the subject of my portraits because I know myself best, and also because I want to portray myself in the most relatable way to other women. Black women lack representation in the art industry generally and that is why theme of my work is centred around the black woman as a liberated and free individual (from the stereotypes she comes across daily).”

You can see more of her work here:

Lesego-Seoketsa-1-11 Lesego-Seoketsa-1-13 Lesego-Seoketsa-01 Lesego-Seoketsa-1-4 Lesego-Seoketsa-1-7 Lesego-Seoketsa-1-8

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