Nikki Zakkas is a young up and coming photographer based in Johannesburg. She is a 2016 ELLE Style Reporter finalist and has a penchant for dreamy images.

Nikki describes her interests and work, “I’m interested in various fields of photography from travel to architecture to street photography to portraiture and fashion. Lately I am inspired by the streets of Johannesburg and the interesting scenes that you can find at any given moment. My photographic style varies but is often romantic; I tend to work within a soft and delicate color palette.”

You can see more of her work here:

Nikki-Zakkas-14 Nikki-Zakkas-1 Nikki-Zakkas-2 Nikki-Zakkas-3 Nikki-Zakkas-4 Nikki-Zakkas-5 Nikki-Zakkas-6 Nikki-Zakkas-7 Nikki-Zakkas-8 Nikki-Zakkas-10 Nikki-Zakkas-11 Nikki-Zakkas-12 Nikki-Zakkas-13

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