We chatted to Jonathan Ferreira about his trip to France. Check out what he had to say about the City of Love and what he saw.

There’s no lying that when you arrive in Paris you half-expect the “City of Love” to wash over you like you an immersive, grand wave of goosebumps!

I arrived on Friday morning, greeted by the beaming face of my now-fiancé (plug). We found whole stores dedicated to Japanese culture, vintage gaming consoles en masse, art – oh my word – so much art, dogs, almost as many bicycles as Amsterdam (never), the most cluttered sidewalks, bad coffee (much to my chagrin), literally the most art, undeniably the best pastries on the whole planet, immense public spaces, and a mix of street art that left me speechless.

“The city is a vibrant, messy, smelly machine that has literally anything you could dream of.”

I didn’t leave Paris for the 3 weeks that I was in France, and to be honest, I would probably have needed at least another month just to see the stuff that we had put on our list of “must-see” attractions. “The grandeur of this city is undeniable: The Eiffel Tower is nothing short of gargantuan!”

I had no idea it was such a massive structure – and it took my breath away. The idea that it is so detailed but was intended to be temporary is an ode to the ideals of doing something right the first time – the same cannot be said for their administration.

This is definitely the city for postcard moments but don’t expect men in neckties and curled moustaches to be running after you with accordions – they’ll most likely ask you for money and move onto the next person if you decline.

I was very fortunate to have Zanie as my tour guide for my trip – she coined the term: “smart tourism,” for going to see the mundane touristy stuff quickly, and spending quality time in the places that are not on Google Maps. With a healthy mix of smart tourism offset by my penchant for exploring the backstreets, we managed to see more of Paris than I had ever anticipated. That being said, I’d love to go again because there are definitely places that deserve a second (third, or fourth) visit as well as some places that just didn’t make the cut. “Say lovie,” as the French say

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