“Things that don’t see the lens, that other eyes don’t see, that’s what I like to take photos of.”

Emma is a Cape Town-based photographer who likes to see the accidental parallels of things she has never even thought of being able to see.

What got you into photography, Emma? I like to make one thing look like another thing. I like to stop and think about something that has not been contemplated before. Sometimes it’s just the light that I photograph. I guess it’s always just the light actually because at the end of it all, that’s all a photograph is. I find things to be so beautiful. People don’t pay enough attention to them. If you make them permanent, in a 35mm frame, only then do people see them, and they start to come alive. I like to be able to pull myself away from people just for a moment and think about the photograph.”

How do you find means to capturing this ‘light’? “I use film. Fancy digital cameras are far too expensive. In terms of what film, I generally use ISO 100 film. It’s the most golden, richest and the most sensitive to the changing nature of light. I use a Cannon A1 with a beautiful portrait lens belonging to Alice.”

Who inspires your photography? “Most of my ‘photographic wet dreams’ are locals actually: Kent Andreasen, Guy Tillim,  David Goldblatt. And then most of the photographers on Dazed.”

Emma told me what she thinks differentiates herself from other photographers, this is what she told me: “Taking photographs of people makes me nervous, especially because all my friends are too glorious. Because of that, I don’t want to demean them in my photographs. So I just stick to taking photos of things.”

You can find more of Emma’s work, writings and ramblings on her Tumblr.

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