It’s a new year and we’re back with DYD Photography Interviews. Let’s just cut to the chase, Gavin Thomas is a New York-based photographer who shoots anything and everything; from candid photography to celebrity photography. Here’s what he had to say.

DYD: Who are you as a photographer and how would you describe your style?

Gavin: I am a photographer who likes to shoot constantly. You could probably describe my style of photography as: carefree, personal, in your face, and possibly minimalistic. I like to keep things simple.

DYD: We’ve seen a big focus on analogue photography in your work. What differentiates you from other photographers shooting in film?
Gavin: Analogue photography is amazing. Digital gets the job done as well. I am a firm believer in using anything and everything possible to get the job done. I think that what might differentiate me from other photographers shooting film is love. I love what I do and I love shooting with film. I share my passion with others in both my personal life and professional one. I could spend hours just talking with other passionate creative individuals about life, culture, art, technique, sport, or even the weather (pretty much anything). Kodak Portra is one sexy emulsion!

DYD: On that note, why do you shoot film? 
Gavin: I shoot film for a number of reasons. One is I enjoy… using a variety of different cameras.  Variety is the spice of life. It keeps things fun and fresh and it also keeps that creative spark going. Love and passion is right there again. Love your job and you will never work a day in your life!

DYD: You’ve done some incredible multiple exposure photos. What process do you follow to create some of those photos?
Gavin: Shoot. Rewind. Repeat. That’s the short answer.
I have developed a pretty involved system for my multiple exposures. I created my own language/shorthand for labelling my film. I still have some rolls of film that I shot in Thailand about 10 years ago that I haven’t finished shooting over yet.

DYD: What gear have you relied on during your progression as a photographer?
Gavin: Some of my favorite cameras to shoot with are the Mamiya 7, Contax G2, and Polaroid 600, along with some other small point and shoot cameras.

DYD: Can you tell us about any great moments you’ve had as a photographer?
Gavin: One great moment was getting a phone call from the Photo Editor at AARP to ask for my availability to shoot a story that involved travelling to 5-6 cities within a 2-week time frame strictly shooting multiple exposures.

DYD: In your opinion, what makes a great photographer?
Gavin: I think confidence, patience, and just being a nice person makes a great photographer. Confidence in your vision, patience in getting the shot or working with people, and being nice – you like working with people who aren’t jerks!

DYD: Which local and international photographers inspire you?
Gavin: Joel Meyerowitz, Martin Parr, Miko Lim, Viktor Vauthier and Synchrodogs are all pretty rad.

DYD: How have you been able to organize shooting celebrities like; Chris Brown, Miguel and Bruno Mars?
Gavin: All that comes from the publications/brands. They just ask me if I’m available on a certain date and I hope I’m free. From there it helps to be flexible to reschedule stuff at a moment’s notice.

DYD: Where can we find more of your work?
Gavin: I’m am the editor at VNDL Magazine and you can also find my work by clicking through to these links:

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