You’ve all been anxiously waiting for this portrait series to go up. I shot a series of family and general portraits at Oppikoppi 2015. This a continuation of festival portraits that I’ve been shooting for a few years. Click here to see previous ones.

I hope that you enjoy this series.

Oppikoppi_2015-3296 Oppikoppi_2015-3496 Oppikoppi_2015-3578 Oppikoppi_2015-4319 Oppikoppi_2015-5361 Oppikoppi_2015-5372 Oppikoppi_2015-5395 Oppikoppi_2015-5409 Oppikoppi_2015-5428 Oppikoppi_2015-5448 Oppikoppi_2015-3307 Oppikoppi_2015-3314 Oppikoppi_2015-4274 Oppikoppi_2015-4278 Oppikoppi_2015-4322 Oppikoppi_2015-4328 Oppikoppi_2015-5422 Oppikoppi_2015-5642

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