Thabi Ngcobo is a vivacious young photographer from Durban. She is currently studying design at the University of Pretoria.

Thabi uses her subjects and everyday surroundings to create a vibrant representation of youth culture, emphasizing the beauty in what is perceived as different.

Thabi on her work:

Sometimes we mindlessly walk by and around perfect shots without noticing that if framed differently from what we usually see, we could create something pretty cool. The idea of framing reality to create art is why I love photography.

Adding magic to the mundane is what comes to mind when I shoot. The majority of the locations I use are simple spaces I visit daily.

“I want to embrace different, and create different, because I am different”

What Inspires You?

I am inspired by simplicity, difference, youth culture and collaboration. There is nothing better than collaborating with people who do their own thing and create and live outside of the norm. Whether that reflects in their lifestyle, their art or the art they choose to wear.

I portray the day-to-day youth culture that I fall part of, and the things we love to do. We constantly have conversations about creating art, redefining perceptions, thrifting, not singularly associating style to brands, and doing whatever it feels you want to do, despite what others may think.

See more of Thabi’s work on Instagram

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