Henry and DJ attended the most recent Park Acoustics and the line-up for that event featured Fokofpolisiekar, Flint, Meet Spark. and more. You get to see photos from both of them and Henry describes the day.

Allow me to say that Park Acoustics is something that you have to experience in your lifetime. You know, before you die? Because there is nothing greater than hanging out with your friends, eating mommy’s homemade sarmies (or Woolworths meatballs) whilst listening to some of the best live music that South Africa has to offer.

This was my first time at the ‘Hill next to the Monument’ and I have to say, I kind of got sunburnt. I’ve been told that the festivities are better enjoyed during the winter months when the sun’s glaring rays aren’t beating down on you but until then I suggest to you, dear reader, to wear a crapton (that is an actual unit of measurement, just by the way) of sunscreen. 
Okay, to the music we go. There were a number of bands that performed on the day, namely: Flint, Meet Spark., Late Night Fox, Rambling Bones, Naming James and (my favourite) Fokofpolisiekar. Obviously doing a review on five bands is going to make this article a tiny bit extensive, so I am only going to write about the headliner. Before you start booing and shaking your heads, let it be known that all of these bands were fantastic. It was my first time encounter with all of them except FPK and I have to say that I am definitely going to be investing in some brand new music. 
Fokofpolisiekar, was as always, crazy good! From Wynand Myburgh jumping off speaker stacks to Franna (Francois Van Coke) doing stage dives and crowd surfs, they were just, as I said before, crazy good. I am an all time, old school FPK fan. Their concerts are ALWAYS jam packed with energy and great rock vibes. I have seen a LOT of bands live. I have seen people using flamethrowers on stage and setting other people alight (Rammstein, Coke Dome). I have seen FNB Stadium in complete darkness with only lighters and cellphones illuminating the place (Linkin Park, FNB Stadium). But somehow Fokofpolisiekar still manages to stay at the top of my Best Concert List. Granted, I am probably biased, but if you have never seen them live, just go do it. Just go.

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