Kyle attended the recent Parklife Festival and captured the festival using his Canon A-1. He used Kodak Ultramax 400 and Rollei Blackbird films to shoot the event. 
I was hauled away on an outing for my birthday to the Parklife Festival held at Marks Park, Emmarentia. Now I’m not one for this old-fashioned guitar music but how can I say no to a close friend? Plus it gave me a chance to take a whole bunch of photos with my newly acquired Canon A-1 film camera. Shooting in film is a recently undertaken hobby of mine (I’m that guy now), and this was the first time I could find a wealth of great subjects to shoot. I finished three full rolls by the time the curtain dropped on Seether’s performance (just a note, acoustic is not a colour that works on them). The colours photos are a mix of 2 year expired Kodak Ultramax 400 and Fuji Superia 400 whilst the black and white photos were taken with Rollei Blackbird 100. I was pleasantly surprised by the Kodak, it wasn’t as weathered looking as I expected, a surprise given its expired status whilst I was pleased with the superb punch of colour that the Superia delivered as well as its sharpness considering the overcast day that should have pushed the film. I was, of course, most pleased with the outcome of the Blackbird photos. I was blown away by it. It has this super powerful contrast which is truly black or white with hardly any grey tones in-between.
Surprisingly a mosh broke out at this family friendly event, during Taxi Violence’s performance; who for me were the stand-out artists. People got down. It was rad. Most of the photos that I took was during their performance and in the middle of said mosh. Thus the gritty, contrasty nature of that black and white film served stupendously to capture the rawness of the mosh. 
Lastly a special mention goes out to the group of fourteen year old, more or less, girls standing in a row and head banging for at least a hour straight. Salute. 
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