Thembela “Nymless” Ngayi is a Cape Town based photographer and founder of Organized Crime. We’re featuring him because of his thoughtful series entitled, “The Great African Horror Story”, which focuses on depression in young black African males.

In most African cultures depression is a condition viewed as western phenomena. African men suffering from severe despondency are often ridiculed and labelled weak. As a result, this subject is continuously ignored in most African communities. The series shows the torment and the after effects that depression has on Africans families.

“The Great African Horror” series aims to bring awareness to the realities of mental health issues in African communities and to explore how it directly impacts those closest to us. “The woman represents the man’s only support structure throughout his depression. She is greatly affected by the depression and eventually becomes a victim as she is also not equipped to help the man deal with it. She also represents “society” which can become the catalyst for a person’s depression. Society often turns a blind eye to the condition, hence, in some of the images she seems as though she doesn’t notice his suffering,” comments Ngayi.

See more of this series:

The-Great-African-Horror-Story-2 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-1 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-14 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-13
The-Great-African-Horror-Story-11 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-10 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-9 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-8 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-7 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-6 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-5 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-4 The-Great-African-Horror-Story-3

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