Jaquan Cummings, @quanatl on Instagram, is a street photography enthusiast. Sparked by my grandfather that did photography his whole life, photography has been a long-standing hobby of mine since I was a kid in middle school. Thanks to my grandfather, I was always able to use his lenses & what not. A few months ago he was murdered in the house we lived in right after a trip from Canada. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve really developed my own artistic style and gained recognition for it. Most of what I know has been self-taught over the years, with exception of a couple online classes & internships. Living in Atlanta has influenced my style heavily; I’m very drawn to our unique cityscapes and upcoming architecture. My strong technical background combined with my visual interests really enables me to express myself through the medium of digital photography.Jaquan-Cummings-2 Jaquan-Cummings-3 Jaquan-Cummings-4 Jaquan-Cummings-5 Jaquan-Cummings-6

Stalk more of Jacquan’s work on Instagram and Tumblr.

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