We have two double tickets to give away for a full weekend of TOY TOY, Part 1 and Part 2 below. Let us know how you would be spending your weekend otherwise. Comment below, write on our wall or tweet your reasoning to us on @ourfriendsco using the #OFtoytoy hashtag. You have until Friday, the 17th of February at 15:00 to get your entries in. Winners will be contacted directly for their email addresses.

Part 1:

TOY TOY presents METOPE Playing alongside Residents Andi Dill, Zolabuddé and Sound Sensible on Friday 17th February.

Metope’s tracks sometimes seem as if they longed to turn their digital being into real flesh. Unable to achieve this, they try to imagine what it would be like, by using bit reduction processes to simulate half forgotten thoughts. After years of calculations and communications with the spirit of a long forgotten master called „Sid“, they were still dissatisfied and they still didn’t know what being human feels like, …they had not even the faintest idea. But one day this frustrating situation came to an end. Metope played a few beautiful, yet slightly melancholic chords, recorded them and nearly went crazy when he realised what had happened:……….…”my love feels digital” he said to himself…..… “my digital feels love“ appeared on the screen…


Part 2:

Welcome to the second installment of Ampersand, Johannesburg’s new forward thinking approach to Saturday night clubbing. And Club in collaboration with Deep Town present mobilee records representative Re.You, DJ & Producer from Berlin.


TOY TOY at And Club
39a Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street Newtown
R.O.A.R. Right of Admission is Reserved
Powered by Void Acoustics


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