I was at Mieliepop Festival 2016 to shoot the festival with Lourens. We shot the festival under our event photography agency called The Lab and had great adventures capturing the event. I compiled this Heard and Seen post based on the images I took during the festival and things I heard. You can view all the images by checking out the Mieliepop Facebook page.

“I couldn’t sleep on Friday night because some girl was having her mielie popped.”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(40)“Mieliepop? No, I’m mieliepap.”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(49)“I thought you were just kneeling on the ground.”
“No! The mud ate my leg up to my knee.”Photo by Yetunde Dada, The Lab at Our Friends“He’s known as The Slayer.”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(63)“Do you guys want some mushies?”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(166)“Jagermeister burns all the way to my soul.”Mieliepop_Festival_2016“I thought I was never going to make it.”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(98)“I brought snacks for Mieliepop.”
“What did you bring?”
“Microwave popcorn.”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(35)“Oh dear. Can you see those two naked men?”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(47)“We’re glad you’re alive.”Mieliepop_Festival_2016_by_Yetunde_Dada-(92)“I said, I wasn’t going to talk to you until you put on a man’s shirt. Why is your belly button so deep?”

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