Last week, California band Incubus hit the South African shores.

The awesome rock legends played an electrifying show at the Voortrekker Monument on Saturday and tonight they perform for the hipster crowds of Cape Town. With support from some of South Africa’s finest, names like Southern Wild, Hellcats, BCUC, Dan Patlansky and Cortina Whiplash, the Pretoria nation managed to dance, scream their lungs out, and cry the night away. I say cry, as for many people (myself included), seeing Incubus was a lifelong dream and the feeling was just too much.

Jetlag didn’t stop me.

I had just flown in from South Korea and Hong Kong that morning, and was still feeling the effects of a 13-hour layover, 13-hour flight, and 7-hour time difference, but the Voortrekker Monument’s atmosphere managed to keep me on my toes. The logistics around the event also seemed to be extremely well run. The entrance that was used for the Monument was the side entrance off of the Pretoria main road, and no one was allowed to park on the Monument’s grounds, which meant that there wasn’t huge congestion trying to get out of the Monument like at previous events. The cashless card system was efficient and actually worked. One thing I noticed however was just how big the golden circle area was. It seemed to grow to about 70% capacity by then end of the evening, but I can’t help but feel many people with normal tickets could have had better seats in the house if the golden circle area wasn’t so big. My other grumble is that the only beer that was being served was Budweiser. I’m not entirely sure if they were the beverage sponsor of the event, but that an event as big as this wasn’t supporting local just made me a little sad.


Chris Kilmore says…

Chatting to Chris Kilmore, turntablist and keyboardist for Incubus, a little before the show, I found out that they were extremely amped to play for a South African audience. For all the guys in the band, coming to South Africa is something they’ve wanted to do for a very long time. “It’s amazing, amazing. We’ve been on tour since February 2nd playing show, next day fly. Show, next day fly, show, next day fly. So yesterday was our first day off. Yesterday was the first day we’ve had off since the beginning of February. Some guys went to go check out the cheetahs and the lions, and some of us went to go play golf! So, we’re feeling good for today!”

Having toured a large portion of the world, and currently being on a world tour, I also asked Chris about one thing he’d like to tell the world. “Love each other! You know, we travel the world, all over the place, it’s really easy to see how much we’re all alike. When you don’t get to travel, and you just stay in one place, all you see is what you see on the news. Which is all violence and anger and everything, which is not how we see the world. People who travel, and get to experience the world, can just see how much love there is everywhere.”


Incubus celebrates 21 years since their breakthrough album S.C.I.E.N.C.E., and Chris says he still draws massive inspiration from his fellow band mates. “The other guys in the band are definitely some of my biggest influences. They’re all crazy good musicians and stand up guys, so I’ve got to be on my P’s and Q’s just to keep up with them the whole time. And they’re always learning new stuff and getting new inspiration from different places.”

So if you’re in Cape Town this evening, get yourself to Green Point A Track, catch local artists like Southern Wild, BRYNN and Retro Dizzy, and rock your socks off to the melodic tunes of Incubus!

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