The DYD team members come from different backgrounds. We are diverse because we operate in fields ranging from engineering to advertising, with many in between. The thing we have in common besides busting out with the Cat Daddy on occasion and dropping our drinks is a desire to change some of the problems that we see in the world. For a while we’ve been wondering how we could do that through this blog. We’ve finally figured out Plan A, or rather Plan #DIYwithDYD.

We, as a generation, want to do stuff. We want to start our own projects, fly with ideas and shake things up in our respective industries. We have all these bright ideas but sometimes we get stuck on the implementation part. Do It Yourself with Drop Your Drink (#DIYwithDYD) is a new series that we’ve started in order to learn how to lay down proper foundations for our ideas. We’re going to talk to individuals in the creative industry that have a direct impact you. Whether it’s because they were crazy enough to start your favourite coffee house or thought that things could be done differently in the Public Relations industry which governs how your favourite musicians connect with you.

We want to know how they got their amazing projects off the ground and what kind of challenges they faced. We’re going to learn how to get our own personal projects up and running from young people, just like you and I. Hopefully you’ll get inspired to think outside the box.

Are you in? Let’s #DIYwithDYD.

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