I went to check out George Ezra’s performance at the Carnival City Big Top in Johannesburg. George Ezra played an incredible performance late on Sunday afternoon to an excited audience.

I hope that you enjoy this photo series.

George_Ezra_2015-2 George_Ezra_2015-00778 George_Ezra_2015-00785 George_Ezra_2015-00797 George_Ezra_2015-00806 George_Ezra_2015-8652 George_Ezra_2015-8660 George_Ezra_2015-8679 George_Ezra_2015-8683 George_Ezra_2015-8686 George_Ezra_2015-8687 George_Ezra_2015-8690 George_Ezra_2015-8697 George_Ezra_2015-8700

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