Jess and Lourens provide you with written and visual (respectively) Rocking the Daisies spiritual encounter. Check out the street-style we shot at Rocking the Daisies here and our visual coverage here.

“A cold wind was blowing from the North, and it made the trees rustle like living things.” – George RR Martin

Yes, it was that cold, but anyway, with a venue that looked to be straight out of a fairy-tale, a lot of irritatingly good-looking people, an obscene amount of glitter, unreal decorations, seriously good food and a line-up that had me feeling weak at the knees with excitement, Rocking the Daisies is a festival that truly has it all. It is for this very reason that I have spent a good part of this past year experiencing the various stages of Rocking the Daisies excitement, which I have kindly listed below:

  • The ‘who needs two kidneys anyway?’ stage (when the tickets first go on sale).
  • The ‘there are artists other than Flume’ stage (the pre-lineup announcement excitement where everyone posts on the RTD wall that they want to see Flume)
  • The ‘OMG I’ve totally loved that artist FOREVER’ stage (when I only know one song by said artist but I am going to download all their albums immediately so I can brag about their awesomeness and how I’ve always been a fan)
  • The ‘I’ve planned my schedule 3 weeks in advance so I can see all my favourite bands’ stage (we all know I’ll get drunk and miss most of these but at least I tried)
  • The ‘I usually hate traffic but this is chilled because of the flamingos’ stage (good things come to those who wait in the Cloof Farm road traffic)

rocking-the-daisies-112Arriving on Thursday evening I was immediately greeted by the hypothermia-inducing ‘cool breeze’ which gave an entirely new meaning to windswept hair. After offloading my bags and offering my friends emotional and moral support as they put up my tent, I then attempted to break the ‘how many jackets can one put on oneself’ world record (I was unsuccessful in breaking the world record, but I did manage to put on 5).  I then hid deep within the campsite stage crowd in a desperate attempt to keep warm and listened to some sweet tunes by the Tazers and Sol Gems.

Friday saw me channelling my inner Wile E. Coyote for most of the day as I rushed from stage to stage so as not to miss any of the amazing acts lined up. When it comes to good music, there really is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Mainstage showcased some amazing sets from the likes of Diamond Thug, Moonchild Sanelly, BCUC, Native Young and Monark to name but a few; and closed with the highly anticipated performance by Mac Miller. The Hip Hop stage played host to an insane set by PHFAT; while crazy sets from ANG, Pop ART Live, Opiuo, Das Kapital and Knife Party leaving no doubt in our minds that the Electronic Dome was the place to be.rocking-the-daisies-85Saturday dawned along with some jealousy on my part because almost everyone I saw managed to look like a runway model (HOW?!) while I looked like a cross between the Michelin man and a blue marshmallow. Great music from Nakhane Toure, Matthew Mole and Hugh Masakela filled my afternoon and then, upon deciding to take a short break from the music, I made my way to the Lemon Tree theatre to watch some comedy and learn some jokes to tell to my unenthusiastic friends later that evening. The mainstage line-up for Saturday evening/night was just incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Beardyman, Mango Groove and Gangs of Ballet. Both Grassy Spark and Foster the People blew me away with their incredible sets, which were definitely the highlight of my night.

Sunday arrived after very little sleep and had me feeling as close to a zombie as one can possibly feel without actually being dead. Luckily The Plastics and Desmond and the Tutus were there to brighten the mood and ensure that Rocking the Daisies 2016 ended on a high note.rocking-the-daisies-58A special mention must go to the Silent Disco for keeping me warm in times of need and giving the opportunity to sing along to Total Eclipse of the Heart at the top of my lungs without putting anyone at immediate risk of having their eardrums burst.

Rocking the Daisies is fantastic because it provides us with an opportunity to experience new things, and I’m not just talking about music. Don’t get me wrong, the opportunity to listen to and experience diverse and talented music acts both new and old is definitely the highlight of Rocking the Daisies, but really that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s be honest, where else are you going to find a festival where you can you get your hair done by professional stylists, see how it feels to be a (camp gear) weightlifter and pretend you’re camping at the mount Everest base camp all in one place? Rocking the Daisies gives you all of this and so much more, all while going above and beyond to promote its green and eco-friendly status.

A huge thank you must go to the organisers and everyone else involved for creating such an incredible festival year after year. You guys are the MVPs.


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