Last Friday I made my first visit to the new Rumours AKA “Rumours Rock City” for the launch of Adventure Man’s sophomore album “Dog Daze”.

The all-new Rumours

The new Rumours is slightly bigger and although it’s lost much of its dingy rock bar character, still has it where it counts – with a low-ceiling stage area that still feels very underground. Obviously, no review of Rumours would be complete without mention of the air conditioning. In the past, myself and others at Our Friends have thrown a few nasty words around to describe Rumours and nights spent there. The Balrog’s Bathtub, The Devil’s Disco, Midday on Mustafar, Satan’s Sauna, Fire Emoji Fest – that kinda thing. New Rumours still has a slightly toastie section towards one corner but otherwise these nicknames can all be tossed out.

Evening Stars

The evening also included performances from The Plastics, Shortstraw, Dave Knowles and LINDO M. Adventure Man’s “Dog Daze” is now available to stream everywhere. Go give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Hope you enjoy my visual coverage from the night.
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