I spent my Friday night at Not Bad Presents Desmond & the Tutus and PHFat. Anyone who’s attended an event at Rumours is well aware of their issues with air-conditioning. The extra half dozen fans and free-standing AC units do suggest that they’re at least trying though. Following the sweat-fest that was the Puma Holiday Party, I clearly remember swearing that I’d never go shoot at Rumours again. However, as my first live experiences of PHFat were in Stellenbosch’s Aandklas and Mystic Boer I decided I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to see them perform in a small, intimate venue again – even if it meant suffering through the Rumours hellfire.

Yo Grapes eased us into the evening with his usual laid back and friendly performance. By this stage, it was still a mild 45 or so degrees. Desmond & the Tutus were up next and truly got this bikram party started. I managed to endure the heat for most of their performance but soon found myself wrestling towards the exit for some fresh air. I soon cooled off and headed back into the Devil’s Disco to get ready for PHFat. Mike performed with overwhelming energy and angst which, coupled with the searing heat, was damn near melting faces. God only knows how Narch survived in a hoodie all night.

I’m sure Rumours are getting rather sick of people complaining about their heat but, unless you have a problem with becoming a hot, sticky mess, it’s does make for one helluva party. I hope you enjoy the photo series that I shot on the night.

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