Carfax officially re-opened its doors this weekend for the Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival. The weekend promised a giant line-up complete with a dose of tequila-fueled bad decisions.

I’d liked to have caught Tidal Waves’ performance but some slight logistical issues meant I arrived to Naming James setting up for his. I’d never heard him before but it’s definitely a name I’ll be looking out for on line-ups to come. The always thrilling The Black Cat Bones were up next, leading up to the final band performance for the afternoon, ShadowClub.

People were oddly generous for the second to last weekend of the month – which meant I saw quite a few tequilas coming my way. I didn’t really plan on celebrating all things tequila but might have gotten slightly carried away. Luckily, I managed to keep things together enough to grab a photo or two of Drop Your Drink favourites, Hawkword and Feed the Animals. This is the first of many Carfax festivals and parties to come and you can be sure that DYD will be at all of them! I hope that you enjoy the photos that I took on the evening.

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