Open Window, along with Cool Capital 2014, decided to celebrate their 21st birthday with a KAPITAL Exhibition. The KAPITAL Exhibition played host to 700 cupcakes and interactive audio-visual art installations that ranged from entertaining to thought-provoking.

I’m not going to lie, my reason for going was the cupcakes but the art turned out to be my highlight. Various Open Window students, a total of 31 students, created art pieces that depicted their view of Pretoria. Some of the art works included the use of polystyrene to spell out “Pretoria”; a mini-documentary about how outsiders view Pretoria; a Pretoria Zoo that made you a part of it by projecting your image onto a wall; to an E-Toll gantry that kept clocking up every time someone passed through it, in my awesome fashion I decided to use the backroads on that art piece.

All in all, it was something to really experience. It was definitely worth my evening out. I will end this review with a note to Open Window: “Happy birthday Open Window. May you carry on nurturing the arts and raising up artists from Pretoria and afar.”

I hope that you enjoy the photo series from the event.

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